Restylane In Delhi

Restylane is the most common and popular solution that aids in gaining a more youthful appearance. It is actually facial filler that is a biodegradable gel that is composed of a substance known as hyaluronic acid. The acid helps in increasing the volume of the skin. Sometimes, as the age passes by, our skin faces the loss of elasticity that gets displayed through the wrinkles shown on the sides of eyes and mouth. Through the restylane treatment, the facial folds and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth area gets smoothen. By restoring the volume of the most prone areas, our skin feels younger and fresher than before.


the treatment begins with injection of local anesthesia that makes the procedure comfortable. It follows with the injection of the restylane gel in tiny amounts in the middle layer of the skin (dermis). The gel lifts the wrinkle making the desired correction by adding the needed volume to fill the sunken or hollow effect.

Duration & longevity:

complete surgical treatment of restylane takes around 30 minutes. Results can be seen immediately. However, they lasts upto 9 months of the treatment. After that, a recharge is always necessary to maintain the youthful appearance.

Post-surgical recovery:

after the surgery, some redness, swelling or bruising can be expected but that is temporary and fades away after sometime. It is strictly advised not to rub the treated area as it may cause serious issue. Also, try to stay away from direct sunlight or extreme cold conditions to avoid any side effect.

Restylane in Delhi has become popular since last few years. It is the best mode to pump up the lines on your face that have been created owing to the age factor. The acid contained in the restylane tends to slow down in its effects by the passage of time. So, timely top up is necessary to maintain the effect of the treatment.