Facial Fillers

Facial Fillers In Delhi

Wrinkles and sagging on the face is quite normal as the age passes by. Not only this, the face goes through the tissue breakdown of the skin due to continuous exposure to the sun and regular years of muscle movement. To help sustaining the sagged skin and remove the wrinkles, several cosmetic procedures are applied among which facial fillers proves to be an effective medium to reduce the aging effect and freshen up the youth appearance. The facial fillers treatment in Delhi is administered to pump up the face lines that have lost their elasticity by the passing age.


the surgical procedure of facial fillers goes through a prior skin test that qualifies your skin for the particular treatment. The treatment depends upon the area to be treated and its depth of treatment. The process follows with injectables of tiny injections under the skin by the sub dermal-dermal levels. The injections perform the function of leveling up the volume of the affected areas like eye lines, mouth lines, small lines of cheeks and others. The treatment will result in turning the sagged skin into a smoother and softer skin. The surgical procedure will lead to a more youthful and fresher appearance than before.

Duration & Longevity:

The duration of the facial injections takes around 10-20 minutes, depending upon the area to be treated and the number of injections to be applied. Similarly, the result of the procedure varies from being temporary to lasting, depending upon the types of the skin and the treatment followed.

Post-surgical recovery:

The surgery leads to certain discomfort to the patient like; bruising, swelling or slight redness on the treated area. Such discomforts are temporary and will wipe off after few days. Patient can return to normal activities just after the treatment. However strenuous activities and exposure to sun or heat are avoided at least for a day or two.