Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation Surgery in Delhi

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About Chin Augmentation

A well-positioned and contoured chin plays an important role in perfecting the facial appearance. Chin is an imperative part of overall facial structure. A dispositional chin results in poor development of the jaw bone and also tarnish the beauty of the complete face. To recover from the issue of having disfigured chin, chin augmentation appears as a boon. It is the cosmetic surgical procedure that will deliver a chin which will add beauty to the overall face of the patient.

Procedure: The treatment of chin augmentation is followed either with surgical procedure done on bone or through fat injection. The surgery is done through an incision made inside the mouth thereby targeting the purpose of moving the chinbone. The surgical treatment of magnifying or minimizing the size of the chin is done either through the incision done inside the mouth or by the underside of the chin. Many times, the treatment is followed in coordination with the liposuction surgery to remove the excess fat collected between the chin and the neck. When the incision is made underside of the chin, it leaves minor scars on the treated area, but that is hardly visible.

Duration & longevity: The complete surgical procedure of chin augmentation in Delhi takes around half hour to 2 hours, depending upon the individual’s circumstances. The results are permanent but many times, it may take time to clearly view the results.

Post-surgical recovery: The process include incision made inside the mouth, therefore, the patient may be placed on a liquid diet for few days to avoid any consequences. Return to normal activities can be expected after one week. However, strenuous activities can be extended up to 3 weeks.

Chin Augmentation helps in enhancing the facial expressions by creating a harmonious balance between all the facial features with each other.

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