Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast cancer is quite common these days. Most women fear of losing the breast due to some of the diseases like cancer and many others. Even many are there who are facing the disproportion caused due to loss of the breast due to cancer. Breast reconstruction in Delhi helps these women to restore the appearance of their breast that has been surgically removed due to some or the other medical issue. The procedure is used to re-build a new breast thereby reforming a natural looking areola and nipples.


The complete treatment of reconstructing the breast is done in two ways; either by taking the use of artificial implants or by taking tissues from the woman’s body to create breast mound. The breast reconstruction surgeon in Delhi takes the help of latest technology and techniques to recreate the breast similar to the natural one. When patient’s own body tissues are used, they are carried out using various techniques such as: TRAM, DIEP and EARLi. In most cases, breast reconstruction is often conducted just after the breast removal, as the patient is still under anesthesia.

Duration & Longevity:

Normally, the breast reconstruction surgery in Delhi takes around 1-2 hours. However, when it comes to reconnect the blood vessels due to microsurgery, it takes few more hours. Though the result of the treatment is permanent, but some cases recalls for follow-up procedures and that too after recommendation from the surgeon.

Post-surgical recovery:

the reconstructed breast will come with no sensation feeling. Minor infection or bleeding is on the cards, which if persist for long, can ask for immediate removal. Scars will fade with the time. Return back to normal activities can be expected after 6 weeks or more.

Breast reconstruction will deliver a complete physique to a woman who has lost her one of the breast due to illness. It helps in ensuring a good match with the natural one.